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Knivmagneter i valnøddetræ packKnivmagneter i valnøddetræ miljø
Magnetic knife rack walnut Sale priceFrom 699,00 kr
Knivmagnet sortlakeretKnivmagnet sort i flere størrelser
Magnetic knife rack black Sale priceFrom 699,00 kr
Knivblok i valnøddetræ Large PackKnivblok i valnøddetræ magnetisk Noyer
Knife block Sale priceFrom 1.499,00 kr
Powerknivmagnet packPowerknivmagnet miljø
Power magnetic knife rack Sale priceFrom 2.499,00 kr
Single knivmagnet packSingle knivmagnet 3 stk
Single magnetic knife rack Sale priceFrom 399,00 kr

Noyer Magnetic Knife Racks and Knife Blocks: Functional and Beautiful Design

At Noyer, we are dedicated to creating products that combine functionality with aesthetics, and our selection of magnetic knife racks and knife blocks is no exception. Each magnetic knife rack and knife block is meticulously handcrafted, designed to highlight the beauty of wood while offering practical storage solutions for your kitchen. We proudly present our traditional magnetic knife rack, single magnetic knife rack, extra strong power magnetic knife rack, and elegant knife block.

Traditional Magnetic Knife Rack

Noyer's traditional magnetic knife rack is designed to give your knives a central and aesthetic place in the kitchen. Made from high-quality wood, this magnetic knife rack breaks away from the often dull and neutral colors modern kitchens tend to use. The warm, natural beauty of the wood creates a contrast to the stringent lines in your kitchen, adding personality and charm to the space.
The traditional magnetic knife rack is easy to install. With a hidden steel rail and powerful magnets, your knives are both secure and easily accessible. This simple yet elegant solution allows you to display your knives beautifully while keeping them within reach when needed.

Single Magnetic Knife Rack

The single magnetic knife rack offers maximum freedom in your kitchen arrangement. This innovative solution allows you to hang each knife precisely where you want. The design makes your beautiful knives appear to float almost magically, and the hidden magnet ensures the knife is stored securely without taking up valuable counter space.
Single magnetic knife racks can be combined to create a unique and personal storage solution, allowing you to arrange your favorite knives like artworks on the wall. This enables you to customize your kitchen to fit your exact needs and preferences. The single magnetic knife rack can be purchased individually or in sets of three, and it is incredibly easy to install.

Power Magnetic Knife Rack

The power magnetic knife rack is Noyer’s strongest magnetic knife rack and is perfect for both knives and heavier kitchen tools such as pots and pans. With its extra strong magnetic force, you can hang your favorite pots and other tools on this rack, keeping them always within reach. This is an ideal solution for those who wish to display their beautiful kitchenware instead of hiding it away in cabinets and drawers.
The power magnetic knife rack is designed in Noyer’s classic octagonal shape and is easily mounted on the wall with screws. The strong magnet ensures that your tools hang securely and stably, while also adding a visual element to your kitchen that will surely impress your guests.

Knife Block

Noyer's knife block is an elegant and practical solution for storing your knives. Made from beautiful wood, this knife block combines functionality with a stylish design. The knife block is designed to keep your knives safe and organized while adding an aesthetic element to your kitchen.
The knife block has a solid construction and a sleek profile that fits perfectly on your kitchen countertop. The magnetic knife block in wood is also gentle on your knives, unlike a traditional knife block where you insert the knife, which can affect the blade. The open design makes it easy to choose the right knife for the task and provides a beautiful display area for your kitchen tools.

Magnetic Knife Racks and Knife Blocks for Every Taste

Noyer's range of magnetic knife racks and knife blocks offers the perfect combination of beautiful design and practical functionality. Each product is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring you get a solution that is not only functional but also adds visual elegance to your kitchen. Whether you choose the traditional magnetic knife rack, single magnetic knife rack, power magnetic knife rack, or knife block, you can be sure that your knives and kitchen tools will be stored safely and stylishly.