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Træhylde 90x18 cm i valnød packHylder i valnøddetræ 120x18 cm
Wooden shelf JN10 Sale priceFrom 999,00 kr
Hattehylde med bøjlestang JN14Hattehylde med bøjlestang JN14 valnød
Hallway Shelf with Coat Rack JN14 Sale priceFrom 3.599,00 kr

Storage Furniture

In the storage category, we offer two essential products: a practical hat shelf with a hanger rod and elegant wooden shelves. These products combine stylish design with high functionality, making them perfect for organizing and optimizing your space at home.

Hallway shelf with Hanger Rod

Our hallway shelf with a hanger rod is designed with a focus on both aesthetics and usability. It provides a practical solution for storing hats, scarves, and bags, while also featuring a hanger rod for coats and other clothing items. This multifunctional shelf is ideal for the entryway or bedroom, adding both style and order.

Wooden Shelves

The wooden shelves are a beautiful and versatile addition to any room. Made from walnut, they have an elegant and natural finish that perfectly complements any interior style. These shelves are ideal for storing and displaying books, decorations, plants, and much more. Available in various lengths and widths, their timeless design and sturdy construction make them a valuable accessory for any home.

In the storage category, this is just the beginning. We plan to expand our range with more innovative and functional products that meet your needs for organization and space optimization. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases, where we will introduce even more products that combine style, quality, and functionality in an exceptional way.