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Sofabord i valnøddetræ 'rundt' packSofabord i valnøddetræ 'rundt' Miljø 1
Coffee table JN02 'round' in walnut wood Sale priceFrom 20.000,00 kr
Sidebord JN05 PackSidebord JN05 i træ valnød
Side table JN05 Sale price2.199,00 kr
Spisebord JN01 i valnøddetræ packSpisebord JN01 i valnøddetræ miljø 1
Dining table JN01 in walnut wood Sale priceFrom 29.600,00 kr
Sidebord i træ JN12 packSidebord i træ JN12 Ved lænestol
Side table JN12 Sale price3.999,00 kr
Skrivebord i valnøddetræ packSkrivebord i valnøddetræ til hjemmet
Desk JN09 in walnut wood Sale priceFrom 13.995,00 kr
Spisebord i valnøddetræ "rundt" packSpisebord i valnøddetræ "rundt"
Dining table JN01 in walnut wood 'round' Sale priceFrom 25.280,00 kr
Sofabord i valnøddetræ packSofabord i valnøddetræ i miljø 1
Coffee table JN02 in walnut wood Sale priceFrom 16.640,00 kr
Skrivebord JN13 i valnøddetræ packSkrivebord JN13 i valnøddetræ miljø
Desk JN13 in walnut wood Sale priceFrom 9.000,00 kr

Noyer Tables: Design, Craftsmanship, and Functionality in Walnut Wood

At Noyer, we are proud to present our collection of tables, which combine sublime craftsmanship, exceptional design, and high functionality. Our selection includes side tables, coffee tables, dining tables, and desks, all made from the finest walnut wood. Each table is created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they are not only beautiful to look at but also durable and functional in everyday life.

Side Table

Our side tables are perfect little works of art that can add elegance to any room. The design is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, making them versatile enough to fit into various interior styles. Think about how many places in your home you can use a small table.
The compact dimensions make our side tables ideal for smaller spaces or as complementary pieces next to a sofa or bed. Despite their modest size, they offer ample storage space for books, lamps, or decorations, making them both practical and stylish.

Coffee Table in Walnut Wood

Noyer coffee tables are a central element in any living room. Their unique design immediately catches the eye, combining elegance and functionality, making them indispensable in the home. Each coffee table is carefully crafted with a smooth and flawless finish that highlights the natural beauty of walnut wood.
The coffee tables are designed to be both sturdy and durable, meaning they can withstand everything from daily use to spontaneous gatherings with family and friends. They come in various sizes and shapes, including round, square, and rectangular, so there is something for every taste and need. The option for custom dimensions ensures you can get a coffee table that fits perfectly in your home.

Dining Tables in Walnut Wood

Our dining tables are the heart of any home, where family members and friends gather for meals and cozy moments. Noyer dining tables are characterized by their impressive craftsmanship and timeless design. Made from solid walnut wood, these tables offer exceptional durability and strength, ensuring they can withstand daily use for many years.
The dining tables are available in various sizes and shapes, and they can be customized to your needs. Whether you need a large table for big dinner parties or a smaller table for intimate meals, we can create the perfect dining table for you. The rich, warm tones of walnut wood add a luxurious feel to any dining room and create an inviting atmosphere.

Desk in Walnut Wood

Noyer desks combine functionality with elegant design, making them ideal for both home offices and workplaces. All desks are made from walnut wood, providing a solid and stable work surface while adding a touch of natural beauty to the room.
There are several variants of desks, so you can find one that fits both the look and size of your specific needs. The high quality of craftsmanship means that the desks are built to last, making them a long-term investment in your home workspace.

Beautiful Walnut Tables

All Noyer tables are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable. The walnut wood we use is known for its strength and resistance to wear. This ensures our tables can withstand daily use while maintaining their elegance and functionality over time. With proper care, these tables can last for generations, making them a valuable addition to any home.
At Noyer, we are dedicated to creating furniture that combines aesthetics and functionality in the best possible way. Our tables are more than just furniture – they are works of art that add beauty, functionality, and value to your home. Whether you're looking for a side table, coffee table, dining table, or desk, you can be sure to find a piece that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.