Care and Maintenance

Oiled walnut furniture

All furniture from Noyer is oil-treated with cold-pressed linseed oil, and is therefore also very easy to maintain. They just need a little oil once in a while, to look as beautiful as the walnut can and deserves.

Distribute the oil in a thin layer on the surface of the wood - this is easily done with a small sponge or cloth. Then you let the oil penetrate for half an hour (time is not the decisive factor, as long as the oil is not allowed to sit for many hours). Thoroughly wipe the surface to remove as much of the excess oil as possible with cotton cloths or the like. Here, the aim is to wipe off as much oil as possible, so that the furniture appears evenly oiled. The surface of the furniture will appear 'newly oiled' for the next few hours, until the oil is allowed to fully absorb and harden.

Always remember to throw used rags and sponges in a airtight plastic bag with water.

Leather furniture

All leather furniture from Noyer is treated with leather grease, and leather also benefits from a little love once in a while. We therefore recommend that you give your leather furniture leather grease once a year - or if the leather seems dry.

The leather grease is applied in an even layer and wiped off with paper or a cotton cloth. The leather can be wiped with a damp cloth, but keep it away from detergents.

Copper and brass

All copper and brass details from Noyer are untreated, and will therefore naturally patinate along with the rest of the furniture. However, this also provides the opportunity to polish it up with a little steel wool, restoring it to its original shine.