Bar stool JN06

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With its intricate construction, the bar stool achieves a light expression while maintaining high stability. The design revolves around triangles, offering an engaging visual contrast to the straight lines prevalent in a modern kitchen.

Delivery time 4-6 weeks.

Height: 66 cm

The structural strength of triangles is simply unmatched.

The rounded shapes in the seat's design introduce entirely new and surprising grain patterns in the wood, which we are not accustomed to seeing cut lengthwise or across the grains.

More about the bar stool

Noyer's walnut bar stool is a reimagining of the design of a bar stool. The barstool has a lighter expression than many other barstools, but the construction ensures high strength and stability.
The seat on the bar stool is in solid walnut and has been created with the aim of providing the perfect comfort, while at the same time the beautiful shades of the wood come into their own.

Bar stool in walnut

The bar stool's primary material is American walnut, but the design also includes both copper and leather – two materials that suit walnut extremely well. The leather is used in the leg construction, where its strength and flexibility are utilized optimally.
The copper is both used in the attachment of the large cross-stick and the leather – just as the small cross-stick is solid copper. The small cross bar in copper is bent slightly to increase the stability and strength of the construction.
There are many considerations behind the work of making a walnut bar stool. Walnut has an enormously high dimensional stability, which is why it is a good type of wood to create furniture in. In addition, the walnut's beautiful grain patterns give a fantastic expression when it is shaped into the soft curves in which the bar stool seat is designed.

Bar stool for kitchen

This bar stool is not only suitable for the bar in the men's room, where it can form the basis for the consumption of both canned beer and Dark'N'Stormys. It also makes a nice figure at the counter in the kitchen or on the quiet side of the kitchen island.
With the classic Noyer finish, this chair will not only look great in the kitchen. It will also satisfy the tactile sense with a calmness that the perfectly polished walnut can provide.
The chair cannot be folded, although the construction could well give that impression. It is a conscious choice. It is simply not a functionality that we believe is needed in a bar stool. After all, the most important thing is that the chair is good to sit on. And that's it.

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