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The chopping board is Noyer's inaugural design, and the carving board is the biggest of our boards. It's crafted with the aim of achieving the highest craftsmanship standards, with a playful approach to design, and a love for the kitchen. It's the most elegant companion for your beautiful servings.

We believe that surrounding yourself with delightful things in your kitchen can enhance the joy of cooking.

More About the Carving Board

With a carving board from Noyer, your kitchen is equipped for even the most challenging culinary tasks. The carving board is crafted in the classic Noyer style; opposing 45-degree angles gently stretched out to form the perfect shape. Made from the finest walnut wood planks, considerable time is spent in the workshop assembling these pieces to achieve just the right expression. Therefore, you will never have a carving board that resembles any other. Each board has unique characteristics – designed precisely according to Noyer's design principles.

Maintenance of a Carving Board

The carving board is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash it with mild dish soap, dry it thoroughly, and place it in the accompanying stand. A specially designed stand in American walnut ensures that your board always stands stably – while also adding a beautiful and decorative element to your kitchen. If your carving board has been used for more robust tasks, you can safely scald the board, dry it, and place it back in the specially designed stand. If your carving board loses its luster, simply apply a bit of the included cold-pressed linseed oil or another neutral oil.

When purchasing craftsmanship in organic material, it will change over time. The same applies to a carving board from Noyer. The board only becomes more beautiful over time – and with the right maintenance, you will have a delightful carving board for many, many years.

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