Coffee table JN02 'round' in walnut wood

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The coffee table from Noyer is a one-of-a-kind piece. From the unique design of the legs to the exceptional finish of the tabletop, every detail has been carefully considered. It's a coffee table that both you and your guests will notice. All tables can be made to measure.

Delivery time 4-6 weeks.

Size: 100x100 cm
Height: 36.5 cm
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Sofabord i valnøddetræ 'rundt' Miljø 2 stk

The coffee tables from Noyer come in two heights, respectively 46.5 cm and 36.5 cm to the top of the table top.

Sometimes design is just about making something that is truly beautiful.

A "round" coffee table in walnut wood

A "round" table in walnut from Noyer is a unique piece of furniture that stands out from the crowd. With its elegant wooden legs and the beautiful "round" table top, this table will add charm and class to any room. The table rests easily on the three specially designed legs, which ensures stability even on uneven floors. The "round" coffee table has a diameter of 100 cm in standard dimensions, but can also be ordered in exactly the size that best suits your home. The tabletop consists of carefully selected walnut planks that are assembled in a way that highlights the wood's deep shades and beautiful structure. The warm and natural color of walnut creates an inviting atmosphere and adds a luxurious feel to any interior. The shape of the table is not round or square, but the characteristic Noyer shape, which is unique to our tables. There are no two identical tables in the world, which makes this piece of furniture even more exclusive.

A wooden coffee table that gets more beautiful with age

A round table in walnut is easy to maintain, as walnut is a hard type of wood that can withstand daily use. The tabletop can be easily cleaned and maintained with a bit of the included linseed oil. In case of major wear and tear, the table can be easily sanded down, oiled and made to look like new again. Walnut has the ingenious property that it becomes more beautiful over time, as the wood's patina develops and adapts to your lifestyle over the years. The round table from Noyer is an example of exceptional craftsmanship and respect for good design. The furniture is created with a deep understanding of functionality and the Scandinavian design tradition.

Danish design and craftsmanship

This round table is not only a visual delight, it is also incredibly practical. The size of the table makes it ideal for gathering friends and family around it for pleasant moments or for enjoying a cup of coffee in peace and quiet. The Danish design philosophy with a focus on simplicity and aesthetics is clearly reflected in this table, which is created with clean lines and beautiful proportions. Every detail has been thought through, resulting in a piece of furniture that exudes elegance and quality. With this beautiful round table in walnut, you bring a bit of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship into your home and create a timeless atmosphere of luxury. Let this table be the center of your living room and enjoy every day in style and elegance.

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