Coffee table JN02 in walnut wood

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The coffee table from Noyer is a one-of-a-kind piece. From the unique design of the legs to the exceptional finish of the tabletop, every detail has been carefully considered. It's a coffee table that both you and your guests will notice. All tables can be made to measure.

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Size: 120x60 cm
Height: 36.5 cm
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Sometimes design is just about making something that is truly beautiful.

The opposite angles on the edges of the table give the wood's distinctive grain patterns an extra dimension, as the cross-section of the individual planks becomes visible.

More about the wooden coffee table from Noyer

A coffee table in walnut from Noyer is a different coffee table. With its specially constructed wooden legs and the beautiful octagonal table top, the coffee table from Noyer suits any sofa and any living room. The table only stands on the three specially designed legs, and this means that the table finds stability even on older, uneven wooden floors.
The coffee table measures 120×60 cm in standard dimensions, but the table must be ordered in the exact dimensions that fit your home perfectly.
The tabletop is assembled from the finest walnut planks, and a lot of thought has gone into the composition. The beautiful expression of the deep walnut in all its shades and contours makes a sure statement in any home: here the interior design has been carefully thought out.
The shape of the table is neither round nor square, but the completely unique Noyer shape. And no two coffee tables in the world are the same.

Coffee table in walnut

A walnut coffee table is easy to maintain because walnut is a "hard" type of wood. The massive table top can easily cope with the rigors of everyday life, and is simply maintained with a little of the accompanying cold-pressed, organic linseed oil. Should the table need a major overhaul, the table can be carefully sanded down, oiled, and then appear as new again. And here it is also important to remember that a coffee table made of walnut wood only gets more beautiful with time. The expression will change and quietly adapt to your life over the years.
The coffee table from Noyer expresses great integrity and respect for craftsmanship, as well as a thorough knowledge of functionality and the Danish design tradition.

Coffee table in Danish design

This coffee table is not only a beautiful addition to the living room, it is also incredibly functional. The size of the table makes it perfect for gathering friends and family around it for pleasant conversation or to place a cup of coffee and a good book on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

The Danish design principle of simplicity and minimalism is really expressed in this coffee table, which has been created with a focus on clean lines and beautiful proportions. Every single detail has been thought through, and the result is a piece of furniture that exudes elegance and quality.

With this beautiful coffee table in walnut, you bring a bit of Danish design tradition and craftsmanship into your home and create an atmosphere of luxury and timelessness. Let this coffee table be the central element of your living room and enjoy every day with style and elegance.

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