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The magnetic knife racks from Noyer are the perfect way to store your exquisite knives. The distinctive design clearly signals that careful consideration has been given to the kitchen's aesthetic expression. A fine little piece of furniture for the kitchen.

Size: 25 cm
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The magnetic knife rack comes in four different sizes of 25 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm.

Black Magnetic Knife Rack

We chose to design this magnetic knife rack in black lacquered wood to create a contrast with traditional kitchen colors and add elegance to the space. We hope this design will give your kitchen a unique and personal touch. For inspiration on placing your magnetic knife rack, visit our Instagram profile to see photos from our happy customers.

Mounting the magnetic knife rack is simple and concealed. The steel rail is attached to the wall with screws and wall plugs, and the wooden part is then placed on it, held securely by built-in magnets. This straightforward installation ensures discreet hanging without visible screws and offers flexibility in getting the magnetic knife rack level.

Black Magnetic Knife Rack in Various Sizes

Our magnetic knife rack is available in multiple sizes to fit any kitchen. From the smallest rack to the larger model that can hold several knives, all our magnetic knife racks are lacquered to protect the wood from discoloration.

Storing your knives on a wooden magnetic knife rack is not only practical but also gentle on your knives. The wood does not scratch the blades and helps preserve their sharpness and longevity.

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