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The magnetic knife racks from Noyer are the perfect way to store your exquisite knives. The distinctive design clearly signals that careful consideration has been given to the kitchen's aesthetic expression. A fine little piece of furniture for the kitchen.

Size: 25 cm

All cuts are done by hand, which is why no two knife racks are exactly the same.

More about our Magnetic Knife Rack in Walnut Wood

For us, it's not just about getting the knives out of the way, but about giving one's knives a central location in the kitchen and in a decorative and elegant way. That's why we chose to design this magnetic knife rack in wood. The wood breaks with the often somewhat dull/neutral colors and strict lines around which modern kitchens are built.
We hope that the design can justify a good location in the kitchen - and contribute to giving the home's most important room personality and edge. For inspiration for the location of your own knife rack, you can go to our Instagram profile and see more pictures both from us and our happy customers.

Each Magnetic Knife Rack is Handmade

The Noyer logo is branded on the back of the magnetic knife rack. We have chosen that location to put our "signature" on the product, which we have made with our own hands.
The knife rackt is mounted by screwing the steel rail into the wall with screws and rawplugs suitable for the type of wall. The wooden part is then simply put on, and it holds itself in place via the built-in magnets. This simple mounting of the magnetic knife rack has several advantages. The suspension is not visible, and therefore there are no visible screws either. Additionally, this mounting method provides a bit of flexibility in terms of getting the knife rack to hang level.

Noyer's Magnetic Knife Rack Comes in Several Sizes

Noyer's magnetic knife racks are produced in sizes that suit both the studio apartment and the manor house. From the smallest knife rack, which measures around 25 cm and can hold a minimum of three knives, up to the approx. 80 cm long knife rack, which can take at least 11 knives. So both if you have just started your collection of beautiful knives or you have a large selection of beautiful knives, there is an opportunity to find a magnetic knife rack that fits.
The magnetic knife racks in walnut from Noyer are not lacquered, but instead are dipped in cold-pressed linseed oil, and therefore it is important to pay attention to drying your knives well before they are hung on the knife rack, so that you avoid the iron from your knives reacting with the wood and creates discoloration.

Gentle Knife Storage with a Wooden Magnetic Knife Rack

Storing your knives on a wooden magnetic knife rack is not just a smart way to organize your kitchen equipment - it's also a gentle and practical solution that ensures your knives stay sharp and in optimal condition.

Wood is a soft and gentle material that does not scratch or damage the knife blades as some hard surfaces can. When you place your knives on a wooden knife rack, they easily slide into place without being subjected to unnecessary friction or wear. This helps to maintain the sharpness of the knife blades and significantly extend their life.

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