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The side table from Noyer is extremely simple and sharp in its expression, and the construction gives an almost floating appearance to the tabletop. This creates a light piece of furniture with many possible uses next to the sofa, bed, or armchair.

Sidebord JN05 i træ valnød fra oven

It can be very complicated to make something appear simple.

Sidebord JN05 i træ ved lænestol

The table was designed in 2015 by Janus Larsen and Nikolaj Hviid.

More about Side Table JN05

Noyers side table in wood is made of American walnut, black MDF with walnut veneer, and black iron legs. The idea behind the side table is to create a simple and elegant design while still focusing on its functionality, making it a piece of furniture that is used rather than just for decoration. The materials used are American walnut, black MDF, iron, and copper.

The tabletop is made of black MDF and coated with American walnut veneer. By crafting the side table in this manner, the veneer is utilized to create a lovely contrast to the colored MDF. The tabletop can be easily adjusted in height to fit beside a sofa, armchair, or next to a bed.

Noyers side table consists of four parts and can be assembled in just 10 seconds. This is done by inserting the side legs into the holes on the main base until the copper splinters block. Then, the tabletop is placed over the main base and adjusted to the desired height.

Perfect as a Bedside Table

The side table adds a beautiful and aesthetic touch beside the bed, and its adjustability ensures it fits any type of bed. Supported by the main base and gravity, the tabletop can easily hold your favorite books and reading glasses. The side table serves as the perfect bedside table, and the beautiful walnut tabletop complements any bedroom decor.

Side Table in the Living Room

The walnut side table gives your living room a whole new look. Place it beside your sofa or next to your favorite armchair, providing space for a good cup of coffee, a beautiful plant, or other decorative items. A side table from Noyer seamlessly integrates into your decor, adding style to your living room. Its light expression fits well in most spaces, and walnut complements many types of textiles and leather.

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